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The Mount Madonna Wisdom Library bridges cultures and crosses millennia with the bold intention to transform consciousness. Through conserving the Vedic teachings of Baba Hari Dass and serving the personal and professional growth of aspirants, the Mount Madonna Wisdom Library holds the past for the future.

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  • 1. Baba Hari Dass
    The life and teachings of Babaji are here in pictures, videos, and correspondence. This section contains his accomplishments as an author, artist, and master yogi who meaningfully brought the ancient teachings to contemporary students.
  • 2. Academic Programs and Class Recordings
    COMPLETION TARGET 2024. Our academic programs train Yoga and Āyurveda educators and practitioners by integrating classical vedic knowledge with ethical and professional standards for contemporary societies. Upon completion this section will contain resources and complete curriculum recordings for graduates of our programs. Sanskrit roots: root: veda वेद; use: vaidika: वैदिक ; āyurveda: आयुर्वेद )
  • 3. Public Class Recordings
    This section contains a curation of recordings of weekly classes that reflects years of consistent teaching of the ancient scriptural texts of Yoga philosophy. These are designed to inspire your daily practices and to nurture your spirit by developing balance, resilience, and connection. Topics include āsana, Bhagavad Gītā, Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali, Saṁkhya Kārikā, and others. ( āsana: आसन ; bhagavadgītā: भगवद्गीता ; yogasūtra: योगसूत्र ; Saṁkhya: सङ्ख्या ; Kārikā: कारिका )
  • 4. Retreat Presentations
    Our retreats serve to deepen one's spiritual practice and support the inward journey to stillness and beyond. These presentations explore unfolding consciousness through instruction of Yoga philosophy and practices. They are intended as resources for attendees of our retreats. (योग: yoga)
  • 5. About the Satsang
    TThe satsang is composed of several organizations centered on the teachings and life of Baba Hari Dass. This section records the evolution of the satsang, including the land, the center, the school, the ashram in Haridwar, India, and the institute. ( satsaṅga: सत्सङ्ग ; āśrama: आश्रम )
  • 6. Library Help
    This section contains articles on effective library use including search tips and audiovisual file playback.

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